Should Gaming Be Taught Essay

Opinion Writing Task


Your job today is to write a short essay answering the following question.


Should gaming be taught in schools?


We have brainstormed some of the things that gaming can teach us. You need to decide whether you…  


Choose three STRONG points you would like to make to support your opinion, and put them into the places below;


Point One:Games may contain violent actions and will make kids more violent.
Point Two: Kids playing games too much  will prevent  Headaches,their eyes to hurt and will not get enough fitness
Point Three:Most games teach us kids teamwork,trust and much other.


In the space below begin your writing;



Video games teach us many things but teaches kids about violence,guns and  things that are not recommended for kids under 18.Games like Fortnite,Call of Duty ,and other games teaches us a variety of things.Games prevent headaches such as migration and Asthenopia meaning pain to the eye.Games are fun but make us more unfit and not focused on school.

Some games are rated R and most kids have access to it.Games like Gta, Resident Evil,and some other.Game make kids less outside and more inside.Games can help us in some ways 

Like surviving things and helping us know  to not trust strangers and  is important to know teamwork.

Lastly games are created for fun mostly games can be taught but games can be taught due to some things kids we can learn  but games should be taught games have a variety of things we can learn many things like teamwork, and trust and many more.So my vote is yes gaming should be taught only games containing no violence and no parental themes.


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