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Thank You Letter

Dear Natalie:

Malo e lelei my name is Patrick and I am Room 7 at Point England School.Last week Monday we, went to MOTAT .I am writing this letter to thank you for being a helper during our school trip.

My favourite part with you MOTAT was coding the Mbots because i learnt much more about coding and about the Mbots and I had heaps of fun.I liked how we had our own Mbot and how we got to battle with them.Something else I enjoyed at MOTAT was exploring the other rooms of MOTAT because I learned about the Old stuff and how telephones were like and how they worked.I liked how we could interact with things around the rooms because it was fascinating to see how things worked.

I really appreciate you helping us at MOTAT because we wouldn’t be able to split up.And it would be very hard taking our classes around.I liked how our group got to explore everything with you because we wouldn’t of had as much fun as we would’ve if you weren’t  there.



We had came to MOTAT to learn more about Technology and Coding, so we can know more about these two things.


Should Gaming Be Taught Essay

Opinion Writing Task


Your job today is to write a short essay answering the following question.


Should gaming be taught in schools?


We have brainstormed some of the things that gaming can teach us. You need to decide whether you…  


Choose three STRONG points you would like to make to support your opinion, and put them into the places below;


Point One:Games may contain violent actions and will make kids more violent.
Point Two: Kids playing games too much  will prevent  Headaches,their eyes to hurt and will not get enough fitness
Point Three:Most games teach us kids teamwork,trust and much other.


In the space below begin your writing;



Video games teach us many things but teaches kids about violence,guns and  things that are not recommended for kids under 18.Games like Fortnite,Call of Duty ,and other games teaches us a variety of things.Games prevent headaches such as migration and Asthenopia meaning pain to the eye.Games are fun but make us more unfit and not focused on school.

Some games are rated R and most kids have access to it.Games like Gta, Resident Evil,and some other.Game make kids less outside and more inside.Games can help us in some ways 

Like surviving things and helping us know  to not trust strangers and  is important to know teamwork.

Lastly games are created for fun mostly games can be taught but games can be taught due to some things kids we can learn  but games should be taught games have a variety of things we can learn many things like teamwork, and trust and many more.So my vote is yes gaming should be taught only games containing no violence and no parental themes.


Response To Text:Computers

Computers Pt. 1

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the huge network that connects computers around the world called?


  1. a) Google 
  2. b) Intranet
  3. c) Internet
  4. d) Bitcoin


  1. What is “hardware”? 


  1. a) The physical parts of a computer       b) A new game from          Activision
  2. c) The programs used to run a computer     d) None of the above Activision


  1. Which piece of hardware works as the computer’s “brain”?


  1. a) Hard Drive           b) Modem
  2. c) Microprocessor d) Keyboard & Mouse


  1. What are some examples of output devices?


→ printer speaker 


  1. True or False: There is a computer in your family car.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. Which devices, starting with the letter A, are used to send signals without wires?


  1. a) Apple b) Antennae
  2. c) Aristocrats d) Applications


network       A shared network  We own a family network.
software                 Operator Computers need software.
data                 Information There is little data left.

Response to Text:Living the Dream (NASA)

Living the Dream

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What does NASA stand for?


  1. a) North American Space Association  
  2. b) National Aeronautical & Space Administration
  3. c) National American Sports Association
  4. d) No Aliens Seen Anywhere


  1. What is Mana Vautier’s job at NASA? 


  1. a) Astronaut Engineer        b) Aeronautics Agent
  2. c) Aeronautic Engineer   d) Aeronautics Agent


  1. What caused the space shuttle Columbia to crash in February 2003?


  1. a) was not flown correctly b) damage to right wing
  2. c) damage to left wing d) nobody knows


  1. Describe what the word international means when we talk about the International Space Station:


→It is something spreaded across the world like the NBA. It has different teams from across the country.


  1. True or False: The International Space Station is 500km above the Earth’s surface.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. How many times does the International Space Station circle the Earth every day?


  1. a) One time b) Four times
  2. c) Twelve times d) Eighteen times


  1. Explain why the International Space Station has to withstand extreme temperature changes?


→As the ISS moves to the Earth’s shadow into the warmth of the sun it will make the temperature rise for the astronauts

  1. What are the 5 steps to becoming a NASA Astronaut?
    1.   If you are selected for a mission you go through a final round of training.After that congratulations-you’ve finally earned your ticket into space! First you need to be a United States citizen and have a degree in science,technology,engineering or mathematics.
      1.  If your application is successful you go through several rounds of interviews and medical checks.
      2.  Next up is two years of basic astronaut training.This involves learning how to fly jet planes,survival training, and studying how spacecraft work. You also need to learn how to scuba dive and speak russian.
      3. If you pass your basic training, you’re ready to become

      an astronaut. But don’t say

      goodbye to everyone just yet – it

      could be a few years before you’re selected for a mission.

    1. What kinds of things do you think humans will do in space in the future?

    → They will create different kinds of substances and different life and maybe even live on mars