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Task Description: Hello here is my movie for my inquiry task.We had to come up with and idea on something to build.And how can it help team 5.What our Idea was lockers there have been a lot of stealing lately and peoples

valuables have been stolen also chrome books.So that’s were our big brains came up with this idea.

What would you build to help your class?

Thank you for your time a lot of effort was put in to this movie so don’t judge!!




Famous NZ Athletes

Task Description:Hello here is my task for today it is about famous NZ athletes.

The NZ athlete I chose was Richie McCaw. I had answered every question  When did they start what sport did they pay and much more.Want to know more about him

just check the slides.

Maths Review

Task Description:Hello there here is my new maths Review for my test week.I had timed myself to finish all of these slides it took me exactly 00:49 to finish.What I liked about these slides was it was really easy fun and the thing I don’t like about the slides is nothing really.What I need to work on is rapid recall this should of taken me 34 seconds.


What is a 20 minute city?Well a 20 minute city is really just a normal city with all your essential needs in reach within 20 MINUTES. Having a 20 minute city is really helpful and useful.

But how can it help people in Aotearoa?

Well living 20 minutes away from your needs are pretty good and well how it helps people in New Zealand is since our country is really small and our populations are rising and many people’s incomes are getting lowered so you can save money driving a whole hour away from your house