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Seventh Grade Response

Seventh Grade – Gary Soto 


First some questions

Answer the following questions about Seventh Grade.


Question Answer
What background information do you learn about Victor? Victor is in Seventh grade and likes a girl named teresa.In the  story it says he is Mexican.
When the boys scowl, the girls look at them. What might the girls be thinking? Maybe 50/50 they may blush,Like it or they could be thinking what in the world is he doing.
What obstacles are getting in the way of Victor making Teresa “his girl”? For example like just him trying to impress her with different things
How does the tension increase now that Victor and Teresa are in the same class together? Teresa asking for victor to teach her french and his french teacher is cool and might help him with this situation.
Why did the teacher turn his back and walk to the blackboard? He understood what victor is trying to do cause when he tried what victor is doing it was successful.
The French teacher, Mr. Bueller, realises that Victor is faking his knowledge of French, yet he does not let on about it. What impression does Mr. Bueller’s action tell you about him as a person and as a teacher? He knows what it feels like to try impress a girl 

Response to Text (Narrative) – Room 8 Literacy (2022)


Task description:

Here i have my response to text i have been learning about this book and details.This book was authorised by Paul Mason.This book teaches us about Wallace a explorer coming to this island but discovers danger around him feel free to read the book if wanted:Dodinga.I really enjoyed this book it had a lot of words that were interesting.Thank you for reading my blog and please leave a positive comment thank you.

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