Thank You Letter

Dear Natalie:

Malo e lelei my name is Patrick and I am Room 7 at Point England School.Last week Monday we, went to MOTAT .I am writing this letter to thank you for being a helper during our school trip.

My favourite part with you MOTAT was coding the Mbots because i learnt much more about coding and about the Mbots and I had heaps of fun.I liked how we had our own Mbot and how we got to battle with them.Something else I enjoyed at MOTAT was exploring the other rooms of MOTAT because I learned about the Old stuff and how telephones were like and how they worked.I liked how we could interact with things around the rooms because it was fascinating to see how things worked.

I really appreciate you helping us at MOTAT because we wouldn’t be able to split up.And it would be very hard taking our classes around.I liked how our group got to explore everything with you because we wouldn’t of had as much fun as we would’ve if you weren’t  there.



We had came to MOTAT to learn more about Technology and Coding, so we can know more about these two things.


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