Immersion Assembly- Transformers

Our Pt England Way is to always kick off with an Immersion Assembly.Today our staff  management started us off by Introducing this terms theme TRANSFORMERS!
Which is all about drama and many other things.All our Teams 1-5 had a skit/movie to show on what there team are gonna learn about.The 2 teams that stood out to me was team 3 and the best team, team5. Team 2’s skit was the scene from Matilda where Bruce (played by Bobby John) was forced by Miss Trunchbull (played by Mrs Moala) to eat the chocolate cake.
As Bruce ate the cake the other students sang as they supported Bruce. And what i think of their skit was really good the actors all knew their part and knew the song so well done Team 3!Team 5, best for last.The skit tea 5 did was Cinderella but with a twist all the words were different and it sounded like a Roald Dahl story.
Mr Wiseman was the narrator and Mr Moran was Cinderella. And yes everything in the real story happens except for the ending where Cinderella marries the princes she marries The Narrator?
Thats all for today leave a comment thanks!

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